Project Overview

This augmented reality experience (ARE) proposal was designed to complement Bristol UWE’s student support services. To improve student interaction rates, an engaging promotional and point of access experience was designed for the university’s pet therapy initiative.


The augmented reality pet therapy app would act as a promotional tool for the UWE pet therapy / Puppy Room initiative, which supports vulnerable students suffering from social isolation, academic anxiety and other university-induced stressors. The ARE was a project for a Designing for User Experience course module.


Through user research, competitor analysis and academic research, I discovered that students in need of emotional or academic support often isolate themselves from the university community, thus making it difficult for support services to identify and connect with them.

The purpose of the ARE is to connect students with on campus pet therapy events. The app promotes the Puppy Room initiative using engaging content that motivates students to attend the appointments, thus developing their university social support network. Users can use the ARE to instantly book appointments at the events, thus increasing conversions.


The Blippar ARE design is generated using a marker, this has an ARE call-to-action displayed alongside the Blippar symbol, as well as a prominent event CTA and emotive imagery. Upon scanning the marker with their smart phone, users are met with a Home scene (homepage). The aim was to create a simple navigation combining informative, emotive and practical content. For buttons, preference was given to symbols over words to promote universal understanding. Simple navigation with prominent error correction provisions promoted trial-and-error mental modelling. User testing on lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes prompted design and journey iterations.


Bristol UWE

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