Project Overview

This gift voucher purchase process was designed to facilitate a new service provided by a boutique hotel booking website. It needed to be appealing, efficient and suitable for use by clients ranging from beginner to pro computer users.


The company wanted to improve sales during November and December. By combining user feedback, personas and data analysis, it was established that this product was a desirable addition to the company’s services. Not only that, the nature of the product was particularly well suited to the end of the calendar year, when gift giving is more prevalent than high value personal purchases.


They wanted an efficient, enjoyable purchase process to ensure a god conversion rate, with a tight launch deadline due to meet upcoming seasonal marketing opportunities. Personalisation was a design priority; iterations led to a purchase process including visual product representations and an adaptable form structure, that would remain short unless the customer’s needs specified otherwise.


One week after launch, the gift voucher conversion rate had surpassed its projected 2 month target. Such was the success of the service, expansion elements were added to further utilise the gift vouchers.

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